How to Connect with Intuition: 7 Ways

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Were there times that you feel like you know something without actually knowing how you know it? Do unwanted situations happen and you suddenly see yourself blurting, “I knew it!” If you can relate with those statements, then most likely your intuition has spoken to you and you may not be fully aware of it. There are sure-fire ways to get to know your intuition, but if it still feels vague to you, here I will list ways on how to connect with this deep sense of knowing called intuition.

1. Meditation

In meditation, we use our senses, we become still, and we train our minds to observe any stimuli. The most common meditation posture is having your eyes closed–that is your vision shut down. 

When you tame one of your senses, you heighten all your other senses. As a result, we tune in more using these faculties. Hence, we become mindful of our other faculties that are silenced by the clutter in our minds. 

Intuition is the collective wisdom born out of our senses.

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2. Nature trip

A brief walk in the park will foster your ability to observe your environment. As a result, it heightens awareness. This is the reason why sometimes we gain a life experience when we travel alone–because we unearth aspects of ourselves that we are not familiar with. We become our very own travel buddy. 

Whether we notice it or not, we harness focused attention when we go places outside our comfort zone. It’s like putting all your senses in alert mode. 

When you open to new energies around you, your body and senses collect information. Your intuition activates as if it connects with those energies. As a result, it gets sharpened like a knife, and it gets cutthroat by the day.

3. Try Qigong or Taichi

These two are movement meditation practices that bring relaxation and overall health. 

Both allow you to find the core of your being. It’s like working with your auric field–you feel the energy surrounding your body. When you connect more with your body, you listen to how it speaks to you. That explains why intuition is also your gut feel. 

Similar to computer hardware, your body is one way to get data. With its connection to your super-processor (your mind), you process information intelligently. 

Conscious movement allows us to be grounded as we work with the oneness of the universe using our breath.

If you are still adamant about small body movements such as Qigong or Taichi as sparks to connect with intuition, try this simple 13-minute Qigong practice (seated), and check out how it effortlessly transforms your energy.

4. Self-care

The body is the instrument to perceive information. Our bodies are great repositories of stagnant energies. The most common recommendation for self-care is to carve out time to exercise per day. It doesn’t have to be an hour or more. It can be just 10-20 minutes. Without you noticing it, your sweat sheds off excess energies. 

Intuition is like our sixth sense. And to get to it, we must use our five senses as powered by breath. 

5. Self-talk

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Ask a question the moment you wake up or right before you sleep. This is where your mind is static and free from conscious thoughts. If you can’t be still, there’s a hack to that–ask questions at that moment when your mind is in the boot phase. 

When you are bothered with a life-altering decision, if you can’t pause and do advice no. 1 (meditation), try asking it before you sleep, and see how signs show up during the rest of the day.

6. Try crystals

Chakra awareness may sound overwhelming right now if you’re not even into any kind of healing modality. I get you. However, this is the easiest thing to do if you wouldn’t even want to explore (or learn) something new. If you would want to start with “making it easy” just by a cheap purchase, you can start by working with a crystal.

We all have energy centers in our body that governs our inner disposition. These energy centers are called chakras. Our heart chakra, for example, stores unwanted energies (i.e., resentment) when we sweep our issues under the rug. Our bodies keep inventory, and we don’t notice it. 

On the other hand, your throat chakra gets blocked if you don’t express any pain and you don’t like setting healthy boundaries. In the long run, it manifests as a disease. The list goes on for every emotion we allow to linger. To explore more about the chakras, check out my previous blog post here.

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7. Observe your energy

It’s not time, it’s energy. You can have all the time in the world but you still feel like you don’t have enough. Do you sometimes feel so exhausted even if you haven’t even lifted a finger in doing a task? Do you feel like you don’t have enough time for everything? 

Stop looking at the time and divert it to observing your energy. It’s not about having the lack of time, but more of the right approach to managing your energy. You could be doing a menial task but you are exerting 100% of your energy on that. You could also be thinking of somebody you miss so badly, but you spend 5 hours of your day thinking about them, rather than swallowing your pride and giving them a 5-minute call. The former is much more exhausting than the latter. What do you think?

You could also be an empath who can easily absorb other people’s energy. This is where the timeless saying of “choose your battles wisely” comes in. Choose which tasks you need to do for the day, and allot the right amount of energy per activity. Allocate accordingly. Identify which ones are the small stuff–and then don’t sweat in dealing with it.

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Final thoughts

Intuition is not just a special psychic gift, because we all have it. 

To connect with this inner wisdom, we must use our mind, body, and connection with spirit. Find intuitive tools to help you harness your intuition better. This could be tarot, Reiki, journaling, walking in the park, or getting an aid such as a crystal. 

Regardless of your chosen tool, know that your connection with your intuition is your gateway to divine wisdom and a foolproof guide in decision-making. There is no such thing as wrong choices when you get to know your intuition better.

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