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Your free Leo love tarot reading for June 2022 summary:

Oracle: Don’t be so serious | Energies: strong-willed; dismissive and insecure

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You made that choice, and you are brave enough to stand by your choices even if it comes with a price. However, you have been giving away too much to a point that you have neglected your own well-being. Somewhere down the road, you run the risk of blaming the other person for what has happened to you.

The strength of your will continues on this current moment, wherein you know how to win and you know how to take action. However, it seems like everything is coming from self-serving intentions, without actually tuning into the heart space of your partner.

It’s time to make that heartfelt conversation, if not figure out the “proper dance” between you and your loved one. Be mindful that you rush through. Stop and smell the roses, they say, and this could be the sole answer you need to move forward.

The person you’re dealing with may be so insecure enough to build walls around them or to stay silent for as long as they want. However, it seems like they are not the type to just hear themselves. The right time will come for them to realize how to make amends. In the long run, it seems like they will figure out what truly is the best course of action that is for the highest good of all. Where would you want to position yourself?


Shake things up, dear Leo. It’s time to tune in to your partner. If you would want to focus on yourself, then this is the best time to just have fun. Celebrate and don’t be too serious, Oracle says. The energy you gain from following your inner joy will help you get past your current struggle because it raises your vibration.

The moment you switch to your joy, you allow yourself to practice non-attachment. When you are detached from the outcome, you strengthen your manifesting powers. And when you are in a strong manifesting space, you will obtain what your heart truly desires. Clarity comes through you, and you will glow in a way that people couldn’t help but notice.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

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10 of Wands

Ten of Wands

You have worked very had, and you have amassed many accomplishments. Unfortunately, this carries with it more responsibility. A grand and beautiful garden requires more care and attention than a single potted plant.

Those things you amassed now feel burdensome to maintain. You might feel ready to move on, but you have invested so much in where you are.

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6 of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

You are sharing your wealth and putting your money where your mouth is. Resources are exchanged to benefit the greater good, and kindness is rewarded.

This card warns of empty charity masquerading as kindness. Your generosity is motivated by an expectation of gratitude, which does not often yield.

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3 of Cups

3 of Cups

This signifies a happy gathering or a strong network of peers. Friendships and camaraderie are at their sturdiest and most reliable.

The bonds within your social circle are made tenuous by jealousy and insecurity. Gossip and lies undo previously sturdy bonds.

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