Successful Negotiation Tips: The Top 5

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We don’t always get what we desire, but there are ways on how we can move forward towards what we want. And that’s how negotiation works. Here, I will lay down 5 successful negotiation tips to get you started.

Negotiation entails owning your desires and communicating to the universe that you deserve it. To avoid aggression and frustration, all negotiation techniques start with your own inner strength, and your ability to harness it even before you set foot on that negotiating space.

Hence, the first two points are all about your mindset and your energies.

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1. Know where you stand.

Negotiation starts with yourself. You should come prepared.

How you value yourself equates to the amount of value you will create your leverage. So instead of complaining about how others treat you, shift your perspective for a moment and focus on how you exactly view your worth.

Negotiation is not about smooth-talking and selling yourself, but just about knowing where you stand. And everything else will follow.

List all your strengths down. Make sure you have identified these before you even face the people you’re negotiating with

2. Release your fears.

“Eye on the prize” may not work in negotiation. When you have that tunnel vision with what you desire to happen, you have the tendency to make it all about you. Why is it important? Because negotiation is all about empathy.

Pretend that your life does not depend on this. Detach and let go of the need to get what you want.

Owning your desires does not equate to holding onto it too tight as if your life depends on it.

Take that step, but release the outcome. Just like how you use the law of attraction to manifest.

As you detach, you communicate confidence energetically. Moreover, you create an energetic space of the least resistance.

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3. Identify their Achilles’ heel.

By this point, you may have already identified where you stand. Now, identify why do you think they are still holding on to you. Learn about their needs. Come into their shoes and think about that void that you’re trying to fill in.

Communicate not from the standpoint of, “I have this xx years of experience and you need me,” but more of “it looks like you’ve been searching for someone who (state your strengths)”.

You are the sealant in their void, and it’s not all about you.

4. Do not try to sell your self.

Be the passive participant through your calm voice and active listening skills. Fewer words, the better. Ask questions.

Research about them and find their values, strengths, and weaknesses. You don’t have to play it like chess, wherein you have to identify beforehand their strategy, as if you could analyze how they may be able to outwit you.

You will not capitalize on their strengths and find ways to battle it out with them. Instead, you will find their weakness and you will work around it. Former FBI lead negotiator Chris Voss refers to this innocuous information as the black swan.

5. Don’t stop until you hear a ‘no’

When you come to a place of negotiation, it’s not gonna be quick. It’s also a place to test your inner calm. You have to take stock of what you got, and pat yourself in the back for small wins, like knowing the black swans.

Start with posing that one question that you are (at the back of your mind) assuming “no” for an answer. That will commence the negotiation and will give you a quick start.

Who knows, you won’t have to negotiate to begin with.

Final thoughts

These successful negotiation tips are not about playing smart, only fair. It entails mastery of that thing called balance. Negotiation is both yin and yang. It’s not all about action, because you must know how to receive and allow. Concretely, that’s listening.

It’s not 100% being right even if you really are. It’s also turning the spotlight on to the person you’re negotiating with and making it appear that you are their ally.

Negotiations work if there’s an irresistible offer. And that will come from you, especially if we’re talking about being unapologetic about what you really want.

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