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There are numerous ways I manifest using visualization, and my list could go on. But for now, I have chosen my default top 5 ways on how I do manifestation by visualization. This post is about how I used it for a particular desire: how to obtain a Schengen visa within 5 days. Not only to get approved, but also to have my passport right at my doorstep 2 days before my flight. So yes, I had a non-refundable flight already. 

That sounds so risky, but right off the bat here’s my pro tip: trust.

Underprivileged? Not.

I am from a third world country and I have accepted the fact we do not have a fair chance at any visa, much more a Schengen visa. I have a weak passport. As my Turkish friend describes it, it’s too difficult as if selling your soul to the embassy. I couldn’t agree more. 

Being in first world countries can be perceived as a privilege, but I would like to believe that there’s no such thing as “you can’t do it,” if you’re good with energy-work (like me! Haha). But no seriously, manifestation IS visualization for me. This is my secret to getting that elusive Schengen visa at an exact time I needed it, and with no savings at all (this deserves another post, but no, I did not rob a bank to afford it).

I could actually entitle this as “How to obtain a Schengen visa in 5 days,” but it sounds so boring the Internet can do that for you. Receiving it exactly how I envisioned it, I believe, is much more fun to share. So here are my secrets. Hey, this is step-by-step so it’s long, and I won’t help you with images. Flex your imagination! Enjoy, and you’re welcome!

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1. Best manifestation by visualization: meditation

I was invited to a film festival to compete, and film festivals in general send out the invitation a few weeks before the exact festival date. They have their own schedule, and whether you’re from a third world country or not, you will get the invite the same day as everybody else. They don’t care (or they just don’t know?) about how hard it is to obtain a Schengen visa.

Give it a shot

You need to book a schedule first for visa interview, and usually embassies are full. A friend suggested to try the Netherlands route, and the earliest available date is 5 days before a family trip to Singapore.

I had to take that chance.

All embassies were full, even the Greek Embassy (who badly needed tourists). The French (this is given) and the German embassies were full. I tried looking at the German Embassy because it’s direct and fairly easy–this is where I got my previous Schengen visa in just 3 days! 

Side comment: The internet will tell you 7 days as the earliest? Nah, I got mine in 3 days. It was actually harder the second time around because it was non-business. Hence, I have to “invent” my itinerary around Netherlands, which has to be my entry point. 

The embassy will get my passport, and they even have to transport it to Malaysia because the VFS Global (that’s your link buddy) is there. If I don’t get it within 5 days, I would not be able to join the family trip (my family didn’t even know I’m going to Europe). So imagine how dreadful the thought of it was. So, within the 5 days of waiting game, that’s when my hardcore meditation began.

A guided meditation will do

All the steps I lay out here are the exact steps you need to do to manifest. If you don’t meditate, perhaps it’s the most opportune time to try it. I like visualization meditations, because I feel like I’m in a journey–to the heavens, if I may say. And no, I don’t do drugs.

If you don’t know where to begin, try Insight Timer and search for a manifestation meditation class. That meditation app is free forever, and I made a comprehensive review about it, in case you want some orientation. 

I suggest that you don’t lie down because you might fall asleep. Sit in a comfortable position, and get your hip higher than your legs. So sit on a block or a bolster. 

Pro tip: Work with a citrine

I hold a tiny citrine as I do this guided meditation (I discovered this via Insight Timer too):

I actually wrote a 9-step simple visualization process you can practice. That post is about how to raise your vibration quickly. When you are in high vibration, manifestation is easier. Working on high vibes takes some work I would have to admit (hence this whole site intended for that), but it’s just an icing on the cake. Beliefs and your feelings (more on that in a moment) hold so much power; they are potent in their own right. You just need to know how to work on it.

2. Connect with your feelings

It’s not just identifying and acknowledging these feelings. It’s imagining those feelings, and holding onto it as if it clings and tickles and takes over your body. Feeling the feelings, essentially.

Imagine your happiest moment right now. How does it feel? Sometimes we find it hard to articulate, much more imagine our feelings. Sometimes if we’re sad we find ways to dismiss it. 

And when we’re happy, we only take photos and relegate it to memories, that we don’t actually remember how we cherished those moments.

How to feel feelings

Remember your feelings in your body (like muscle memory), and not just in your mind. You can actually do this trick when you want to physically move an object (yes, like in the movies). You can try it using a necklace with a small pendant. I do this with a crystal pendant, and it’s fun. It’s not scary if you read quantum physics. What’s my point? Try what I have just said if you don’t believe that you can actually move objects. And most importantly, to emphasize that feelings are too powerful it can actually be tangible, the same way love heals. 

We underestimate how our feelings affect us in ways we don’t actually see. 

Befriend your feelings like you’re getting to know a crush. Because your feelings have frequencies. And these frequencies are the energies that will power up your manifesting space. Ever wondered about telepathy–when you think about a loved one and suddenly they call you? That’s the frequency I’m talking about.

If you don’t know how happiness feels like, how about Christmas? Familiar with that feeling? You will hold onto that feeling–remember it, and know how it feels in your body. Sometimes in guided meditations you will be cued to remember that. You have to imagine the best feelings you have ever experienced. If you’re depressed and still clueless about “happiness”, think about orgasm! (Sorry I have to say that because this part is so important)

How to do the trick?

Imagine those feelings like a you’re putting it on a box, or you’re transforming it into a ball of energy. Visualize your exact desire as you give yourself that ball (just like handing over a gift to yourself). You can imagine yourself as two individual entities, so you can imagine Self 1 giving a gift to Self 2. 

You can also imagine your desire (what you want to manifest) like it’s playing on a movie screen. And you will throw that white ball towards the screen, like a punk throwing a bag of popcorn towards the screen because it’s a very lousy movie.

Déjà vu

It was a rainy season when I had my visa application. My visualization “script” was, the courier will be at my doorstep on a rainy weather, before lunchtime. It has to be before lunchtime because over lunch, I plan to tell my parents I’m not joining them. Because I surrendered my passport to some agency. With just the thought, I felt so nervous I can’t breathe.

I imagined the exact scenario–from the color of the courier rider’s shirt, to the transport vehicle (a motorcycle), to how my dog will bark, to who will open the door, and even the brand color of the courier service. And I imagined that as I open my passport, I’ll see a Schengen visa stamp.

Yup, visualize it like a filmmaker: be specific with the mise-en-scène and montage. You have to imagine exactly how it will play out. Forget about the producers. This is a one-woman show.

And so, by 11 am, someone rang the doorbell. It was the courier. And everything else felt like déjà vu.

3. Take action steps

Whatever it is you want in life, you have to take action. That’s the default, and sometimes a hard pill to swallow especially if you’re searching through Google about how to get anything you want without actually doing something.

The magnitude of hope surrounding your desire should trickle down to daily tasks. 

That means, the amount of energy you exert towards wanting to have it must be carried over to the tasks you’re doing daily. That’s why your meditation teachers and life coaches always tell you to set an intention. Because the intention serves as your goal. When you set the intention, you are injecting it into your subconscious. As a result, your inner wisdom will guide you to act on that desire regularly. 

In my case, there was nothing else left to do because I was at the mercy of the visa-granting agency. So I trusted my visualization process, and I let go of the outcome. 

My action steps

Before I applied for the Schengen visa, there was a desire to go back to Europe. My first visit there was just 3 days for a film festival, and it was not enough. So I have to figure out how do I align myself with the desire to return.

Okay, I visualized and meditated on the feelings. But what would be my intention? Money notwithstanding, how would I be able to go there? And so I used the route familiar with me: to join a film festival. I submitted the same film sans any expectation. And so after a year of “I want to return” visualization, I received an email with an invitation for me to compete. In Europe.

4. Believe that it is done.

Claim it. Own it. Believe that you are worthy of whatever it is you desire. Same with manifesting abundance or happiness–you have to believe first that you’re worthy to receive it. That’s alignment.

If you don’t align yourself with what you want, you are sending the universe a message that you don’t like it enough.

Be grateful as if it already happened (this is #2 trick too). Ever wondered why “be grateful” is such a thing? Whether you believe Catriona Gray’s Miss Universe answer or not, gratitude even for the negative emits a high frequency, just like the frequency of love.

Believe that what you visualized (a.k.a. worked on) is already done. Do not attempt to control the universe. Because you have to allow the universe to do its job. If you practice a religion and you believe in God, this is where reverence comes in. Your meditation is your prayer, and this part is your trust in God. Let go and let God, so they say.

If I do a visualization meditation on my own, this is how I do this process: I put my intentions and desire on a box and I imagine myself closing the box in slow motion. Romanticize it, glorify it. And then imagine you’re sending the box somewhere, just like handing it over the courier for delivery. Imagine your guardian angel, or a saint you’re devoted to, or to any prophet you know as the courier. And the recipient is God. That’s how you do it, my friends!

5. Detach yourself from the outcome

From number 4 to this, is the part where the doubts start to creep in. But hey, think about it this way, do you really have the audacity to ask God whether he received it or not? Of course, he received it, he’s God! Duh. No, seriously, once you have transmitted it, you have to fully accept that you’re not God, and you have no control of the outcome. Release it like wishing on a dandelion (can you imagine the child-like joy?). Do not overthink. Trust your angel/saint/prophet. Thank them.

Above all, thank your self because you showed up, as if telling your desire that you are ready to receive it.

Dandelion photo by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay
© Michael Schwarzenberger

Final thoughts

You don’t have to be rich to get what you want. Sometimes you only need yourself, because as I’ve put it, you need just your feelings and thoughts to do it. You can get by with everything else with a little help from friends. 

You are supported, you are protected. Believe in that.

Once again, the top 5 ways to do manifestation by visualization are:

  1. Meditation
  2. Connect with your feelings
  3. Take action steps
  4. Believe that it is done
  5. Detach yourself from the outcome

With my experience laid out for you, I personally don’t believe that you have to pay for a manifestation class. Inasmuch as I believe that meditation is free and should always be free, it is with that intent that I share this story. Some may argue that these steps are not true. But hey, how come I’ve done it multiple times? I could be wrong… but I’m not. Hahahighfive!

Also, I could do a whole textbook about manifestation and share this as my freebie for you to subscribe to my blog. Because hey, I deserve a subscription for cool stuff like this, so I would appreciate it if you do!

But seriously, I have always believed that we are all created equal. All of us can manifest, and all of us have our own secrets to manifestation (hey, share it with me). With all these secrets shared, I also believe that humans should only manipulate their own brains, not people.

This is just a guide, so sprinkle it with your uniqueness. Try it and explore, so you can master it. “The Secret” like this, I believe, should never be conditional. Sometimes I find the email marketing spiels of “I’ll teach you only if you subscribe” as meh. And bleh (also ulk).

I strongly believe that if you think you have a “power”, share it. It’s for world peace! /highfive!

Learn more about manifestation

I haven’t read this book, to be honest. But this is the most popular and widely-translated manifestation book. I just thought it’s nice to have one more image down here to supplement my manifestation by visualization guide (did I say one more affiliate link to offer? Oh no I didn’t). This is about the Law of Attraction and manifestation, and it’s a classic! 

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