Know If Your Intuition is Right: 5 Sure-fire Ways

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Have you ever exclaimed, “Why me?” or “I knew it!”? If your answer is yes, then blame it on your intuition. Unfortunately, both scenarios are the aftereffects of your refusal to heed your intuition. You just know, but you responded with, “Nah.” And there you go, blaming others for the consequences. Here, I will lay down the 5 sure-fire ways to know if your intuition is right, so you will never have the need to second-guess yourself ever again.

What is intuition?

There are some things that you just know, and it’s unexplainable, ridiculous, and the people around you may disapprove of it. That’s exactly how your intuition operates.

Intuition is our own inner voice and wisdom. It is our highest form of intelligence, and our gateway to the 5D consciousness. Intuition is not bound by space nor time, because it is our connection with the divine.

Intuition is one great aspect of ourselves that makes us unique. Hence, the saying, “tread your own path” and “do what works for you”. The moment you learn how to harness your intuition, you become free. To practice harnessing your intuition, you should learn first how to recognize it. So, come with me to and learn about how to know if it’s right.

1. It comes up when you’re doing nothing

The very first thought that pops up when you’re doing nothing is your intuition. It comes out of nowhere.

There are countless pieces of advice on being in the present moment–mindfulness–will direct you to your long-awaited answers. Being present allows you to see beauty, and the divine within you is part of that beauty.

That thought to declutter, to call an old friend–that’s your intuition talking. If you want to know your passion, sit still, or meditate. Because your intuition is that voice you will hear in silence, and it comes up when you’re not thinking. It may sound counterintuitive: it comes up during your idle moments.

If you catch the message from your intuition during idle moments, the devil cannot play.

2. It doesn’t make sense

This is where the “I just feel like…” comes in. There seems to be no rhyme and reason, and you can’t pinpoint what is it all about. It is natural for your logic to make sense of things, but you know your intuition is right when there seems to be no mental explanation for that feeling or voice inside you.

Logic is not the opposite of intuition, because they always work best together in decision-making.

3. There is some sense of fear to it

You know it’s your intuition when it’s void of emotions. So, the moment you feel like acting on that fear, it becomes counterproductive. Why? Fear is an emotional response against what you should be doing. It also sounds counterintuitive, because it really is.

For example, you hear a message out of nowhere to message an ex. That moment you hear, “no way!” from inside of you, then all the more go for it and message your ex. You’ll never know, they might be fighting for their life right at that moment. Just set an intention before making that call (this is where you use your logic).

Intuition is emotionally neutral and never fear-based. You just know, and you don’t doubt it. The “no way!” is your ego talking. The moment you start making excuses because of shame, embarrassment, fear, or any other rationale you have in your pocket, that’s not your intuition.

4. You’ve heard it before

Just like déjà vu, your intuition is that nudge. I say “nudge” because it feels and sounds so familiar like that voice of your mom telling you what to do. You’ve heard it before. Obviously, you refused to listen, and it came back with the same message. Your usual excuse to this is, “I’ve been meaning to do that”. And that what makes it important to listen to your intuition, because one way or another, you will eventually do it.

5. It is repetitive

One way I always describe how do I know if it’s my intuition talking is when the message is repetitive, and sometimes annoyingly so.

It just doesn’t stop unless you take that decision, or do it. Your intuition is right when that tiny voice in your head is too loud, and you get the same message over and over again.

Just like when you watch tarot readings, most of the time you receive the same message because you are not acting upon that message from the universe.

Final thoughts

Our intuition is one aspect of ourselves that makes us unique. It is our own guiding light towards finding our soul purpose. And once we refuse to listen to it just because it sounds ridiculous, we run the risk of making the wrong decisions.

This same voice allows us to root ourselves firmly in the ground, like an old tree’s roots that’s unbreakable. In the same vein, once we listen to this spiritual guiding force, that’s the moment we carve our own path and create revolutionary changes we wish to see in the world.

So, practice working with your intuition, so you would never find the need to battle it off with any societal construct. Act on those gentle nudges, and you will learn how to be successful in life. /highfive!

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Amy Behymer · August 10, 2022 at 11:49 pm

I just wish I knew for sure if I should make a move with my friend to be mo r e than friends

    A · August 16, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    Hi, Amy! Thank you so much for being here.

    I believe you already know the answer to whether you would make a move or not. What you are looking for as an answer perhaps is whether dear friend will reject you or not. Unfortunately, you don’t have to know the answer to this. If it feels all of the above, then that’s your intuition talking. And intuition exists to bring us to our highest good, not to give us what we expect.

    The beauty of our intuition is that what it “pushes” us to do doesn’t make sense. But we keep on wanting it to make sense. The more it doesn’t make sense, and the more you make excuses for that nudge, the more you have to do it.

    Where is the risk aversion coming from? Do you feel trapped–what makes you feel trapped? Are you overthinking this? Would you like to give yourself just questions and not answers?

    If this is a childhood sweetheart or a deep connection (could be soulmate type), hell yeah just try. You will never give yourself the chance to get an answer (favorable or not) unless you try. At the end of the day, you honored your feelings. And that’s all that matters.

    Good luck!

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