Aquarius Love Tarot: Pushing You Away?

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Your free Aquarius love tarot reading for July 2021 summary:

Oracle: I will honor the physical vessel that enshrines my soul | Energies: generosity; fear

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Current energies | Aquarius love tarot

Oracle | Aquarius love tarot


Do not sabotage your own plan by not taking time to care for yourself, dear Aquarius. You could be giving away too much to your person, and you forget about filling your own cup. Be sensible about nourishment and exercise, Oracle says. You could be expending 100% of your energy to a person who may not be giving it back to you.

There seems to be a wounded child inside your person, and it’s not your responsibility to care for this child. You could be a highly sensitive individual who instantaneously absorbs energies around you, so be mindful that you take in your person’s energy to a point that it drains you. Remember that you cannot continue giving if you are empty.

Take care of your own well-being. Once your inner well overflows, then you will show up at your best to others. This card could be a sign that you are here to assist another person’s healing. Listen, empathize, and take action, but carve out time for yourself to replenish.


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