Aquarius Love Tarot – ‘Will I Do the Right Thing?’

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Your free Aquarius love tarot reading for May 2021 summary:

Oracle message: I acknowledge my fear, but I replace it with the insight of awareness | Energies: dissatisfaction; closed off

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Aquarius Love Tarot - DENIAL (Soul Journey)

What is it about this connection that you keep on sweeping under the rug? What are these excuses made of? It’s about time to open up and be completely honest with yourself, Oracle says. Moreover, buried fears and resentments do not die; they merely fester and cause disease. But when you begin to reexamine them every time they rise to the surface, then you give yourself a chance to let them go one at a time.

Forgive your misgivings or wrong choices. If these misgivings or incompatibility are something you identify to be your partner’s fault, then forgive them. Remember, it takes two to tango. It’s always better to walk away and say yes to yourself, than always pointing fingers.

You imbibe the energy of the Empress. So you are powerful more than you can imagine. And an Empress or a queen has no room for denial. It’s just not their thing. Shouldn’t be on your plate too.

Don’t give power to hurtful thoughts (and people) by suppressing or tolerating them. The dangerous seeds of denial will grow and spread and manifest unless you uproot them, examine them, then release them. Your soul wants to live authentically and be in alignment with that Empress energy. Allow it to be by first addressing what weighs you down. Come from a place of love, and allow this love to choose to forgive. It’s always better than placing emotional landmines on your soul path.


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