Aries Love Tarot – Someone is Shy About Making a Move

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Your free Aries love tarot reading for August 2021 summary:

Oracle: I am attracted to those people who serve my higher good | Energies: hesitant; mysterious

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Current energies | Aries love tarot 

Oracle | Aries love tarot 

There must be something about the person you’re dealing with that makes your heart flutter, or just inspires you to be a better person. Something just feels right and you can’t seem to pinpoint it. But this is not something that you are not expressing (or the other way around). Certainly, you feel attracted to this person for a specific reason.

Relationships, whether romantic or not, is an opportunity for you to better understand yourself. People come into your life to mirror back to you what you need to reflect on or to show aspects of yourself that you despise. You need to witness something about yourself, and they serve as mirrors. A soul teacher, if I may say.

When someone appears in your life, you must see what is not resolved or whole in the person and understand the lessons he/she brings home to you, Oracle asserts. The mystery is yet to be unfolded, only if you step closer. Moreover, it’s this mystery that seems to allure you. Regardless of the reason, the attraction seems so strong, this card is a sign that he/she is a part of your soul family. And as Oracle puts it, you have chosen to incarnate together to help learn lessons. 

People may seem to cross your path coincidentally, but it is these synchronistic events that may lead to something deeper. That depth may mean being romantically involved, of course, but this could be something deeper as in getting to know your truest self. Enjoy!

Aries Love Today - RELATIONSHIPS

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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords

You or someone around you is a proactive and curious individual. He is opinionated, but also a clear and intentional communicator.

The Knight of Swords in this position is possessive and singular in the pursuit of knowledge. There is little application and even less ethical consideration in your endeavors.

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4 - Emperor

The Emperor (Major Arcana)

You have done as much preparation as necessary, so move forward with your plans.

Power is abused and corrupted. Be careful not to overstep your sense of authority.

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5 of Swords

Five of Swords

Someone may seek to exploit your lowest moments. This is the card of betrayal and malevolent rivalry.

Your current conflicts remain unresolved and continue to fester indefinitely. You cling to the notion of winning out this contentious cycle, yet you know none of the sacrifices will be worth it.

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