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Your free Cancer love tarot reading for June 2021 summary:

Oracle message: I possess gifts of the soul that benefit me and others | Energies: healing; hurting

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Current energies | Cancer love tarot 

Oracle | Cancer love tarot 

Cancer Love Tarot - Self-esteem

Is there something about you that you feel insecure about? This card comes up in your reading to remind you that perceiving yourself as someone undeserving of all the good that’s offered to you, is an illusion. The same goes the other way; if you feel like you’re greater than others then it is a trap of the ego, Oracle says. we are all created equal with unique gifts. And we are invited to learn more and nurture them. If we don’t, that’s when we feel small and unworthy.

What makes it important to hide and not pour your heart out? Do you feel like you are missing out on something just because you are hiding? If you feel more comfortable when they are unexpressed, then go ahead and do so. However, if you feel guilty about hiding feelings or not being assertive enough, then start small in making changes.

You have a unique perspective to share with the world and have come back this time to put your stamp on it, Oracle adds. Spirit invites you now to make a list of 10 aspects of yourself that you love. It’s just to remind you of how special you are. It’s time to celebrate you, dear Cancer.


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