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Daily Tarot -

This is your free daily tarot card reading, a spiritual guidance tarot reading for whoever needs it. I physically shuffle my decks to arrive at this reading, and I take the jump cards most of the time. Please take only what resonates with you, and leave what doesn’t. If you are drawn to this post, there might be something here that you need to hear today.

So, Let’s begin!

Divine guidance

Daily tarot 8152020 - Worry

Spirit reminds you that worry is a wasted emotion, and just gives you an illusion of control. If you spend too much energy on this emotion, you are allowing it to limit you. Moreover, worrying destroys the feelings of faith, hope, and excitement instantly. You are refusing to give yourself the gift of feeling these three, just because you choose to focus on one useless one: worry.

This card comes to you with a reminder that worrying will not solve anything, and for you to reflect on what you make you feel it at the present moment. Help your soul by releasing them. Trust.

Energies from the Daily Tarot

Daily tarot 3-card spread - 8152020

Past: Page of Cups – There was a synchronistic event that happened in the past. While you almost questioned it, it allowed you to connect with your intuition. It was a delightful surprise, but you found it fun nonetheless, so you went along with it.

Present: 9 of Wands – While you are traversing a previously unknown path, a rug under you has been pulled. You are now in the last stretch, and now being given a major challenge. You are at the last hurrah, if I may say.

Future: Page of Swords – Your efforts may be left unrecognized. This is my “having bashers” card. So it’s either you will be scrutinized for one simple mistake, or you will doubt yourself along the way.

Daily tarot interpretation

The Moon card
The Moon

Your reading is all about mysteries, uncertainties, intuition, and contemplation. There are contemplative and self-reflective energies. While the Page of Cups speaks about gladly accepting an offer (maybe love-related), The Moon is all about being still. Both cards represent going within. However, while I can feel the enthusiasm in the Page of Cups, I feel otherwise in The Moon. It’s not really about sadness, but more of doubts and insecurities.

There was a nonchalant vibe from you in the past, something (or someone) made you feel excited. There was a potential for a new love, and since it brought you some sense of joy, you have gone with the flow. If this was a love offer, it feels like you enjoyed the company of that person. Perhaps there were endless conversations over the phone, and you just jive. Your inner child became alive.

The present position signifies an instant change of gear. Something is revealed. It is a test of character and seems like the last stretch before you can actually take ownership. You are humiliated, embarrassed, if not taken for granted. But you are staying strong, and showing resilience. This leads you to contemplate even more, asking yourself if this is worth fighting for.

You want to speak up and fight for what you think is right. However, you are doubting if it’s worth going the distance. Self-doubt complicates the situation, and now you wish this could’ve not happened in the first place.

Daily Tarot: The Oracle

Wisdom of the Oracle | Between Worlds and The Tribe (8152020)

If this person or situation brings you pain, perhaps it’s not the right one for you. It’s easy as that. Accept that people may come and go in our lives only to teach us a lesson. And that’s what soulmates are for.

Spirit invites you to find your tribe–the one that accelerates your soul growth, and not only that person who patches your insecurities with shallow words of affirmation. The first person to affirm your beauty should be yourself, not another person.

Spirit invites you to cultivate curiosity and trust because you are in the process of change and growth. You may be in limbo, and you are feeling confused about what to do with this situation. This connection may sound oh so perfect for you but at the same time has shaken your core, so you are feeling in between worlds.

This is a period of discovery and curiosity–perhaps about your self. Spirit reminds you that this challenging transition is an opportunity to discover what Spirit has in store for you. The seeds planted in the past are just starting to sprout. Ride with it.

Does this reading resonate with you? Is it reversed? Let me know in the comments!

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A gentle reminder from A

My intention every reading: May I speak the truth, may my interpretation be for the highest good, and may my intuitive work contribute to the joy and freedom of all.

While the magic of the Tarot lies with how it resonates with us, it is always best to exercise free will. Tarot is for fun, just as I feel the joy in connecting with my spirit guides as I interpret the cards. Tarot resembles the Hero’s Journey in Mythology, just as how these archetypes are used in the movies. We are all alchemists to transform our lives, and Tarot is just one way towards self-reflection. Do not be co-dependent on Tarot, k? K! /highfive!

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