Gemini Love Tarot – “If Only I Could Turn Back Time”

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Your free Gemini love tarot reading for June 2021 summary:

Oracle message: I am thankful for this life and the opportunities that it presents | Energies: resentment; vindication

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Gemini Love Tarot - Gratitude

Whether what you’re going through is positive or not, Spirit invites you to be grateful for it. Be grateful for a crumbling down (that Tower moment I’ve mentioned), because it is an opportunity for you to reflect on your actions, learn to apologize, or even determine what you really want in life.

Sometimes relationships fall apart for us to renew our commitment, or to clear space around our auric field. Use your free will wisely. This is a make-or-break moment–either you will transform to a better individual, or you let go of people who seem like not the right fit for you.

It is time to stop, close your eyes, and become mindful of the incredible gift the universe has bestowed upon you, Oracle says. The lessons this experience brings are tailored especially for your soul, Oracle adds. Express your appreciation no matter what.

Perhaps this is a learning experience to recognize your mistakes, celebrate small wins, or simply to discover a part of yourself that longs to be witnessed by you. It is also an opportunity to recognize your partner, for all that they have given you. It may be time to reciprocate or to plainly show gratitude for their presence by telling them.

The energy of gratitude for whatever life throws at us brings an overall sense of health and well-being. Shitty experiences are great soul teachers or fertilizer to our growing self.


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