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Your free Libra love tarot reading for April 2021 summary:

Oracle: I understand that everyone has their own unique path and challenges | Energies: ‘Leave me alone’; mourning

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The main message of this card is choosing to love, even if you have been hurt by another. There are so many situations in this physical realm that are impossible to incarnate into, but the main lesson is to look past these illusions and see yourself in the shoes of others, Oracle says.

We all have free will, so not all people may feel the way we do, even if we have been with them for such a long time.

Your path is not to judge someone in their journey and choices, dear Libra. All you can do out of love is to assist that soul. Spirit invites you to channel empathy and compassion to someone who may have done you wrong.

The person you’re dealing with has come to a realization about their misgivings, and they could be feeling remorseful about how they have treated you in the past. You could feel vindicated, but remember that you don’t actually need an apology, because their choices would not (and never) define you. So, please detach yourself from waiting for them to make amends.

Forgive, without them asking for forgiveness, and you will instantly feel lifted and lighter.


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