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Your free Libra love tarot reading for June 2021 summary:

Oracle message: I can release my need to control | Energies: don’t care; flamboyant

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Libra Love Tarot - Surrender

Instead of brushing issues off or getting rid of people you dislike, perhaps it’s best to open yourself up to what they can bring to the table. You don’t have to resist nor fight back; all you have to do is to surrender. They appear in your life for some reason you don’t need to know, and definitely, there’s something that you can learn from them.

You have little external control over people or situations, only internal–it’s how you respond to them. As mentioned, just enjoy the situation. Every soul has its own unique path, and it’s not your job to dictate it, Oracle says. Surrender the illusion that you have control over other people’s choices.

When you release the energy of wanting situations to happen your way, you are restricting yourself to something new. You wouldn’t even know if this something new will be the lone person who will have your back. Channel your innate energy of being social and a relator. They could be too annoying, so you might want to just take a break from them. The world is round–you don’t have to shun people off because you wouldn’t know when you’ll need them.


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