Monday Morning Motivation: 5 Steps to Nail It

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I hate mondays! I hear you. Monday is the start of another work week. Most people hate this day because it breaks the momentum of a relaxing weekend, and weekends just ain’t enough period. While Monday morning motivation sounds like throwing a stone to the moon, I would like to invite you to first believe that crushing Monday laziness is as easy as watching through Netflix. All you have to do is believe you can. Hey, you wouldn’t actually be here if you are not willing to crush it, after all.

Like gearing up for a battle, it all boils down to preparation. So here are the 5 easy steps towards that high vibes Monday morning motivation.

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1. Be willing to work on Monday morning motivation

Reading this post translates to your openness, so congratulations! To start the work, believe that you will emerge as the victor against Monday. My friends always ask me about how I disrespect Monday as if I am not aware of how it debilitates people. But my only secret is this belief:

Mondays must adjust. I am more powerful than a Monday.

That doesn’t mean that Mondays must adjust to your lazy vibes. That simply means, no task is too big on a Monday.

I don’t entertain the thought of having a light workload because it is “just” Monday. Start with the heavy workload, and your whole week will become easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Nope, it’s not being hard on yourself. It’s actually loving yourself–it’s 70% rewards, because the proper mindset will already do the work for you. It’s like getting ahead of Monday’s BS, before it runs you over just because you’re too modest you’re not willing to confront it first.

Sometimes rigor is necessary to be badass against monday. Have that grit to crush it, and build a habit of doing so. Just like in any battle, the start of any preparation is aligning yourself with the right mindset. 

2. Setup on Sunday

This is the first and easiest action step: start the day before. This is like training your whole psyche how to beat Monday, and then you will realize that you wouldn’t even have to google Monday morning motivation.

Wind down on a Sunday. Even if you’re usually not yet sleepy by 12 am, try winding down 2 hours before. This may include just lying down on your bed with lights off, or reading a book. This may sound funny, but sometimes I watch a virtual aquarium via Youtube, or I listen to any audiobook. 

Meditation is my go-to winding down habit. One thing that amazingly works for me is Sri Dharma Mittra‘s Psychic Sleep via Alo Moves (I wrote about how you can actually maximize a free trial if you’re not a member). I can’t explain how it amazingly works for me, but every time I do his sessions, either I experience vivid dreams or I wake up feeling refreshed. I am a seasoned meditator, and I haven’t tried any other session that beats it.

One of the biggest challenges in setting up on a Sunday is having thoughts that take space in your brain. These preoccupations are the same culprit to sleepless nights. Help yourself to release these thoughts. Try Insight Timer‘s solfeggio frequencies if you don’t like meditation (learn more about it here), or declutter your mind by journaling, as if it’s a trash bin for excess thoughts. 

3. Before you sleep: Set an intention

Before you sleep on a Sunday, you may start by saying, “may I be productive tomorrow,” or as simple as “may I crush Monday vibes”. This sends the universe the message that you are energetically ready to start your week with your optimal self.

Neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks about mind-training to create the life you want more fluently:

Training Your Brain to Create the Life You Want

From the video, below is his neuroscientific explanation about the connection between your mind and feelings, and how they can help in behavior change:

From a quantum perspective, the thoughts you think are like the electrical charge in a quantum field. The feelings that you emote are like the magnetic charge in a quantum field. And how you think and feel broadcast an electromagnetic signature that influences every single atom in your life. The thoughts sends the signal out, and the feelings draws them back. So you are broadcasting information on a daily basis. Change your energy, and you’ll change your life.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

4. Imagine the first thing you’ll do once you wake up

Our minds are so amazing that it can actually do anything. Just like in meditation, you train your mind to work for you. Your mind should be your “slave”, not the other way around. 

So how do you program your mind for that monday morning motivation? Think of the first thing you’ll do when you wake up. Yes, right before you close your eyes to sleep, imagine yourself doing the first thing you’ll do. Imagine the whole scenario–like the color of your room, to standing up and turning off the airconditioner or doing some stretches before you actually bounce off your bed. Right before you sleep is the moment your subconscious self is still active. So, use it to your advantage. 

If you can do more visualization, visualize your goals towards the whole Monday. This is like intention-setting, and getting ahead of Monday’s BS (#1). You get lazy on a Monday simply because you feel like time is long and all the tasks you could think of is heavy and “not for Monday”. So, Monday morning motivation is just muscle memory training only that it’s your brain you’ll train. And you do it by visualization.

5. Rinse and repeat

Just like a new year’s resolution, a change does not happen overnight. Allow yourself to take the baby steps to change a habit. The most important time is now. It’s okay if you fail, just try again. Do not underestimate those baby steps. There is a quote that comes to mind when we get trapped by our own willpower to start something:

Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

Bill Gates

You may be underestimating how starting a Monday morning motivation journey today can change your life. All you have to do is take that step. If you wish to learn more from CEOs, take a look at how Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani does it: 

Vishen Lakhiani’s optimized morning routine

Final thoughts

Monday morning motivation is all about preparation. And preparation begins with the mindset. This is the willingness and the openness to work on a habit that does not serve you any longer. You are already at the right attitude, because you may have acknowledged already that you need to beat Monday blues. 

Now, I invite you to trust yourself. Literally give yourself a pat in the back. Do the self-talk: I trust you. Come on do it, nobody sees you. Your body and your mind can surprise you in ways you are unaware of. Trust the process, and next thing you know it’s already your habit. /highfive!

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