Taurus Love Tarot – Love Is Coming! It’s Time to Take a Stand!

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Taurus Love Tarot

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Your free Taurus love tarot reading for September 2023 summary:

Oracle: Call in your tribe. You don’t have to do it alone | Energy: Overwhelmed

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Oracle | Taurus love tarot 

Soul Family (Taurus Love Tarot)

If you find yourself in a situation where you are trying to balance your career and personal life, and someone is trying to get your attention, it can be challenging to know what to do. However, it’s important to remember that you are the queen of your own life, and you have the power to make the choices that are best for you.

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your career, take a break and seek help from your friends. They can offer you support and advice on how to manage your workload more effectively. It’s also important to remember that it’s okay to take time for yourself and prioritize your own needs.

If someone is trying to distract you from your goals, it’s important to stay focused and remember why you started in the first place. If you’re not ready for a romantic relationship, it’s okay to say no and focus on your career and personal growth.

Remember to trust your intuition and listen to what your heart is telling you. If you’re meant to be with someone, the universe will find a way to bring you together. Keep pushing forward, Taurus! You know you are so good at this.

Calling in your soul tribe

The Soul Family card is a clear sign that your soul tribe is close by and is also calling out to you. It’s time to call them in or find those people who truly get you at a soul level.

In order for you to find each other, it is important that you stop dimming your light and let yourself be seen, Oracle says. The more you dim your light in order for you to accommodate other people’s smallness, the more you block your soulmates from finding you.

The more you spend time with your soul tribe, the more you raise your vibration. As a result, you will manifest way quicker! So call in your support team now as you let go of all of the energies or people who no longer serve you.

A message for you

Shuffle the deck and click on the card from left to right to get your past-present-future quick reading. If you need instructions especially about setting an intention, you can shuffle the deck here.

Star Spinner back of card
Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

This is an opportunity to strengthen interpersonal connections. Now is a good time to pursue a new relationship, smooth out old tensions and forgive. Love of all kinds is the center of this card.

There is an imbalance of emotion. You are either utterly overwhelmed or are deeply repressing your feelings.

Star Spinner back of card
2 of Cups

2 of Cups

This refers to a healthy and mutually beneficial unity. It bodes well for partnerships of all kinds, from romantic relationships to business partnerships, striking a healthy balance between the pair and the individuals.

There is an imbalance of emotional investment in the partnership. It warns of unfair, tense, or temporary unions.

Star Spinner back of card
6 of Cups

Six of Cups

You are confronted with a moment of nostalgia. Memories of past joys strengthen your resolve and warm your heart.

Memories of the past yield sorrow. Long-buried regrets suddenly resurface to haunt you.

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