Top 5 Crystals for Mental Health and Calm

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Crystals emit stable frequencies that influence our own energies, just like how instrumental music with Solfeggio frequencies can instantly lift your mood. Here, I will discuss my top 5 crystals for mental health and calm, because these hold immense energies the same way a nature trip nourishes our soul.

Just like the magnitude of energy a volcanic activity is needed to create crystal formations, we get an adequate amount of that magnanimity in our hands through these palm-sized natural resources. For the curious and skeptic alike, I captured a 30-sec video showing some of my crystals’ invisible prowess, a.k.a. energies:

Sonic Vibe: Crystals for Mental Health and Calm

While crystals need a physical connection to our cellular structure to be able to treat a disease, the placebo effect is the closest scientific explanation to its psycho-therapeutic properties. Placebo may sound so spurious as a healing crystal for the public, but scientists consider the placebo’s therapeutic effects as genuine and robust. In fact, a recently published study reveals that placebo response warrants measurement as an antidepressant response. Hence, it furthers the discussion as to how a placebo can revolutionize treatment options.

Crystals’ cosmic energies are too valuable than what meets the eye. So, take a look at some of these healing creatures and discover ways to amp up your healing journey.

1. Prehnite

I discovered Prehnite when I was looking for a little helper in my energy work. There was a sense of support immediately felt the moment I received it. It looks like the handy dandy eraser I wanted to chew when I was a kid, but it equally feels like that kindergarten tool you would always want to see inside your toolbox.

Crystals for Mental Health and Calm - Prehnite

Prehnite is the “healer of the healer” stone, which enhances precognition and inner knowing. Moreover, it shows the way towards spiritual growth. It has gentle energies, as if you are communicating with your spirit guides. While it doesn’t energetically communicate its power as strong as my quartz crystals, it connects in a more compassionate and kind manner.

Prehnite works well with the heart chakra space. While green feels vibrant and energetic, a Prehnite is like your wallflower friend who may not be too strong enough to call you out, but will welcome you with open arms shall you return crying after defying their advice.

  • color: light green to yellow
  • hardness: 6-6.5
  • zodiac: Libra
  • cleaning: warm, soapy water

Why get a Prehnite?

Prehnite provides healing and calming energies. It is a good feng shui stone because it works best in getting rid of unwanted energies in your space. This is best to conquer hoarding tendencies.

Top-rated Amazon pick:

Unheated Natural 40-carat Prehnite

2. Petalite

Petalite is a striated, quartz-like, and rare gemstone, which is best paired with blue lace agate to open yourself to cosmic consciousness.

Crystals for Mental Health and Calm - Petalite
(c) The Walking Rock

As hard it is to find one, this Angel stone is an extremely potent elixir, which aids you clear emotional baggage. If you wish to forgive someone for your peace of mind, and to let go of unwanted pain, Petalite is the one for you.

Also a shamanic stone, get a Petalite if you are doing some past life healing. Shamanic journeys are spiritual transmission techniques to heal karma, past abuse, and healing of family issues.

  • color: colorless, white, pink
  • hardness: 6-6.5
  • zodiac: Leo
  • cleaning: warm, soapy water

Why get a Petalite?

Petalite is rare, hence powerful enough to relieve stress and anxiety, even depression.

As you work with your past trauma, Petalite aids in tapping into the unconscious pain, so that they can be released and expressed in a positive way. Also a gemstone for the heart chakra, it is a perfect companiion to dispel past pain through the energy of love.

Top-rated Amazon pick:

1 lb Rare Pink Petalite from Namibia

3. Lepidolite

A lithium-bearing mica, with plate-like layers, slightly shiny, or grainy mass, Lepidolite is best paired with tourmaline to give up addictions.

Lepidolite mops out negative energies or obsessive thoughts. Moreover, it greatly aids in accepting denial that was present.

As the most abundant lithium-bearing mineral, Lepidolite stabilizes mood swings, and bipolar disorder.

Crystals for Mental Health and Calm - Lepidolite

Lepidolite is is a deeply empowering stone. In as much as it exudes authoritative and assertive energy, Lepidolite’s light hues–the combination of lilac and pink–instills a supportive and nurturing vibe.

  • color: pink, purple, red
  • hardness: 2.5-3
  • zodiac: Libra
  • cleaning: warm, soapy water

Why get a Lepidolite?

It is magnetic, but at the same time nurturing. Its galactic look lives up to its powerful vibe.

A stone of transition, it is the perfect gemstone for self-healing. Not only that it improves focus and concentration, it is also the perfect gemstone for balance and harmony. You will be divinely guided to stand in your own space and be free from the influence of others.

Top-rated Amazon pick:

Lepidolite Crystal Home Decor on Metal Stand

4. Iolite

Iolite means violet in Greek (“ios”), and is the trade name and the gem variety of the mineral Cordierite. Cordierite is named after the French geologist Pierre Louis Antoine Cordier.

With just its color and energy, Iolite fosters calming energies, which would be great to practice a creative approach to discerning the solution to your problems, as well as finding your right direction.

Crystals for Mental Health and Calm - Iolite

Hence, Iolite is for the visionary. If you are working on creating deeper connection with your intuition, this crystal will help you with that. It is best used for visualization practices and healing connections with the inner self.

While it is naturally violet-blue in color, Iolites are tricky for buyers and traders alike, because of its strong pleiochroism. That means, it shows a different color, depending on the angle. Hence, when you cut an iolite gem, you may not be able to get the same blue color with the other cut parts. It is a cheaper alternative to Tanzanite, nonetheless.

Why get an Iolite?

Iolite helps you find your right direction as you express your truest self. It aids in alleviating migraines, balancing home life energies, calming emotions

Top-rated Amazon pick:

1 lb Iolite Rough Stones from India

5. Amethyst

The purple variety of the quartz family, Amethyst is the go-to crystal of those who wish to embark on a deep dive into their spirituality. Amethyst is widely available and easily accessible. While it changes color through time, Amethyst provides calming energies and guides the spiritual seeker towards his or her higher self.

With the color purple as a symbol of royalty, Amethyst encourages strong business sense as it aids in mental clarity and thought organization. Spiritually, it is the “gateway crystal” as it aids in expanding consciousness and helps you release old pattern.

Crystals for Mental Health and Calm - Amethyst
  • color: purple from light lilac to deep purple; the color of the Amethyst determines its value, not where it was mined
  • zodiac: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces
  • hardness: 7
  • cleaning: no sunbathing allowed! soapy water is okay

Why get an Amethyst?

The energy of Amethyst is foolproof in helping you exude confidence. It helps you imbibe a sense of self-respect, class, and royalty.

Personally, this gemstone has greatly helped in my self-improvement journey. When I was starting my crystal collection, it was one of the first crystals I owned, just like every other crystal newbie.

Romantically, Amethyst enhances faithfulness and freedom from jealousy. Amethyst will greatly empower your life because it helps you shift in consciousness.

Top-rated Amazon pick:

2-3 lb Uruguay Amethyst Cluster

Final thoughts

All of these crystals will help you find your center and be at a state of calm. Whether you believe it or not, know that the earth may scrap it off its surface in your lifetime. So try it while it lasts.

Superstitious, pseudo-scientific, or placebo–no matter how others name it, healing need not be labeled to prove it works. A crystal on your palm is just like experiencing a piece of a celestial object in your hands. If you’re still having doubts, doublecheck the seller to know if it’s ethically sourced or not.

Certainly, crystals’ uplifting and nourishing energies are immediate, if not everlasting. As a lightworker, I’m not dependent on these, but I care about beauty and good vibes! Even a small tumbled stone will do. And it’s worth the try.

How about you? What are your go-to crystals for self-care? Would love to add it to my sanity collection! /highfive!

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BJaYbOLt · August 4, 2020 at 6:13 pm

Research has shown that human mental health can be easily affected by the right frequencies and it can be vice versa if not taken care of. It’s very nice of you to list and explain the top 5 Crystals for mental health and calm. I think what will be the problem is the expenses of getting these crystals.

    A · August 4, 2020 at 7:01 pm

    Hi, thank you for dropping by! I agree with you, some crystals come at a cost, but quite interestingly, larger ones can actually transform a small space–both energetically and physically. From that perspective, it becomes a lot cheaper than a piece of customized furniture. Cheers, A

Jay · August 4, 2020 at 6:15 pm

Wow, this is good and I’m just so happy to see you give such details about this top 5 crystals for mental health and to help a person stay calm as well. It is really good stuff to see this on your website. Some fo the crystals you shared here are very rare which makes it even better

    A · August 4, 2020 at 7:03 pm

    Hello! Yes, I totally agree with you–these are rare. I actually did not expect to see it on Amazon! Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and glad to see you around the site. Cheers, A

LineCowley · August 4, 2020 at 6:28 pm

Thank you for a very informative article on the top five crystals for mental health and calm. Crystals and their properties are still something that I am new to, so would like to know how would you get the most benefit from them. 

Should you incorporate a crystal into a piece of jewelry and wear it? Or is it better to have it in your room when you are sleeping?  Would one combine these five crystals to get the out of each one, or is it better if they are used on their own? 

I’d appreciate your thoughts.

    A · August 4, 2020 at 7:16 pm

    Hi, thank you for asking! I really appreciate it. It depends on the purpose, and of course the budget. I would recommend a druzy, cluster type if you would want it to be on your bedroom–for gentle energies. It also depends on the type of crystal too. There are crystals that work best when combined with another–like pyrite with citrine (for money manifestation), or tourmaline with lepidolite (to mop negative energies out). I wear a tourmaline necklace if I wish to be protected when I go out. Carrying a tumbled stone will do too because size doesn’t really matter, it’s the intention.

    I used to own a clear quartz necklace but since it amplifies energies, it also amplifies the negative energies I receive from toxic people I encounter on a daily basis. There are crystals that help me to sleep, but it brings nightmares to some. My friend and I had the same crystal (it’s for spiritual purging) and it works differently for her and I. I am looking at it from the perspective that I have previously done my shadow work prior to owning that crystal, so perhaps there’s nothing left for me to purge. She hasn’t, hence the nightmares. 

    Crystal structures are meant to be bought depending on purpose and intention. Personally, I would recommend that one should follow their intuition in choosing a crystal, and that intention is clearly set before working on it. I hope my response helps. 🙂 Cheers, A

Jolly · August 4, 2020 at 6:46 pm

Hi there! I’m always a crystal believer. These crystals are more than just beautiful decoration, I trust the magnetic field of crystals could affects our life. Even though we can’t really see the effects of crystals bring to our life, but we can feel it our own.

I had saw the Uruguay Amethyst Cluster in crystal shop before. It’s truly awesome and majestic. It has variety of sizes and every Uruguay Amethyst Cluster has its own natural beauty. It never failed to attract the attention of anyone in that shop.

Thanks for sharing such informative article. Hope these crystals can help everyone with their particular functions.

    A · August 4, 2020 at 7:17 pm

    Hi, thank you for dropping by. I love that you have been attracted to one before, and I would like to give a highfive for your appreciation of a crystal’s beauty! Cheers, A

Michel · August 4, 2020 at 8:10 pm

I think a lot of people are going to find this website really helpful, as worldwide there are a lot of people under a lot of stress and pressure. People are always looking for natural ways to relieve stress and crystals are one method that a lot of people are starting to see the benefits of.

I had no idea Petalite fell under this category, I have a few of these and they are used for ornamental reasons at the moment as they are so pretty.

    A · August 6, 2020 at 12:15 am

    Yes, they are so pretty! You’ve got a rare one just right around you. I hope it has done some balancing and calming help around your home. If you wish to work with it or harness its power, you can just leave them under full moon or under the sun for cleansing. And then you can set an intention, that it may help you bring more calm around the house (if need be). Thanks for dropping by, Michel, and kind regards. A

Justin · August 4, 2020 at 8:19 pm

Wow, this is very nice. I never knew that crystals can help with calming someone and its really good to know because then a lot of people who go through stress and anxiety would be able to get one for themselves. I am Leo by Zodiac but learning about the stones for other Zodiac is really pretty. Can someone make use of a stone for another Zodiac?

    A · August 6, 2020 at 12:23 am

    It does help. Mostly used for decoration purposes, but if you knew their metaphysical properties, they can do more than just sit around the house. Crystals are humble and down-to-earth (pun intended) but oh so powerful. 🙂 And yes, absolutely, there are crystals that can be used for the zodiac, and even if it’s not your zodiac, yes you can. Birthstones are the typical ones, but personally, I would recommend you pick a crystal that would enhance your intention. 

    A Leo-born individual is typically a leader but naturally kind and empathetic. If you wish to balance your go-getter, leader type with the nurturing one, then one of the crystals from this post would be a good one. If you are more of the empath type, I think you should get yourself a tourmaline, as you absorb negative energies quite easily. 

    While others love to buy depending on zodiac/birth month, my preference is that it should be on purpose/intention (as what you are probably interested in), not on birth month, because we are all unique, and we have different strengths that we wish to empower or tone down a bit–so this is where crystals would be helpful. I hope that helps you with your first crystal pick! It’s fun! 



Paul · August 4, 2020 at 8:53 pm

Wow! amazing things you have here. They look so new to me but seem very exciting as well. I want to learn more about these crystals.Never have I ever known that there are crystals that influence our own energies, just like how instrumental music. This is dame genius. They can even treat a disease? amazing. I want to know more. 

    A · August 6, 2020 at 12:28 am

    Yup, you can read more by starting to read the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. And yes, crystals are not only pleasant, but they have a certain vibe that would help you raise your vibration. I actually made a quick video showing their “invisible” prowess: Enjoy!

Kingsking · August 4, 2020 at 8:56 pm

Awesome article, this is great and it’s an eye opener, i have gained lots of knowledge from this, i never knew that stable frequencies emitted by crystal can affect our own energies just like how music can lifts our mood…I have never heard of  or seen these crystals: prehnite, Petalite, Lepiidolite e.t.c and the things they do but thanks to your article, i have learnt a lot, i will do more research about the crystals, the prices and where i can get them…Thanks again for sharing.

    A · August 5, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    Hi, thank you for dropping by. You are welcome, and I hope you will find crystals as interesting and beautiful to work with personal spaces, both physically and energetically. Cheers, A

Shane · August 6, 2020 at 1:47 am

I didn’t know crystals had any sort of “healing” properties until stumbling on this today!! That is pretty cool stuff. Our earth is pretty stinking amazing!!! I was hoping to find my zodiac sign in the mix! ( Scorpio) I need to get me one of these crystals to keep at the workplace… so I can stay nice and calm! 🙂 

    A · August 12, 2020 at 12:55 am

    Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by. Yes, they do have healing properties. But as I always say, intention precedes purchase! Earth is amazing – I know, right! Hey, I’ve recently written how to choose a crystal based on your zodiac trait, including for the psychically sensitive Scorpio:

    Enjoy, and have a great day! Cheers, a

Isabella · August 6, 2020 at 2:13 am

Wow crystals are magic, thanks for sharing this magic article about top 5 crystals for mental health and calm. . I learned a lot with this article – there are crystals that work best when combined with another–like pyrite with citrine for money manifestation, or tourmaline with lepidolite to mop negative energies out.
I think wearing a necklace it’s a great idea,to be protected when we go out. Can I wear it as a bracelet or a ring also?

    A · August 9, 2020 at 12:18 am

    Yes, you can! I used to buy one and channel my artsy fartsy crafty self and make myself a bracelet. But I always lose it, especially if it’s a ring! I remove it always when washing hands. So now I always get a pendant. I find it more fashionable too. So you are correct and I agree with you, wearing it as a necklace is a great idea. I have a crystal quartz necklace too, but I stopped using it because it keeps on amplifying the energies around me–work is usually toxic, so it picks up unnecessary energies. I would have to clean it frequently. Hey thanks for the drop by, I wish you well! Cheers, A

Steve · August 6, 2020 at 2:41 am

While I am not an owner of any crystals and am personally not a believer that they have the powers they claim to have, I can still appreciate the beauty of these stones. The colors and patterns, especially of the Amethyst, are incredible to look at. Might I ask what was making the humming noise in your video? That was pretty interesting to me to hear that when you got closer to the object. Thanks for the info. 

    A · August 9, 2020 at 12:14 am

    Thank you for your appreciation. I totally understand that it’s not for everybody, but I feel happy (and grateful) that you still took the time to read the post. The humming noise is the crystals’ energies! It was quite fun to record that clip, which was unintentional. I just found it cool. Thank you for dropping by! 🙂 Cheers, A

Alejandra · August 6, 2020 at 2:54 am

Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to know more about what are the top 5 crystals for mental health and calm. While going through the quarantine, I’ve noticed I started to get a little anxious, so I was looking for a natural way that helps me to calm down.

In the past I had a friend who told me about the natural power of crystals to heal and bring calm to people, so this is how I found today your article and I’m glad I did, as little I know about these crystals, I will order one for me and I will order one for my husband. He loves all types of stones and it will be a nice crystal to give to him as a present.  

    A · August 9, 2020 at 12:12 am

    Hi! It was a clear sign to heed your friend’s advice. I’m glad that you are taking interest in crystals, and I am wishing that you find the right one for you. Thank you for dropping by. Much love and gratitude, A

Sj · August 6, 2020 at 4:07 am

Wow, your article on the top 5 crystals for mental health and calm has introduced me to something I have never heard of in my life. This is quite fascinating and I would love to learn more about this. I had no idea that crystals could be healing or calming. This makes me wonder, can you use crystals for massage therapy?

    A · August 9, 2020 at 12:11 am

    Yes, you absolutely can. Just set an intention before using it. An intention could be like, may this (name of crystal, i.e., Prehnite) bring healing for (name of person). It is best used on the body part, specifically the chakra that needs the energy of the specific crystal used. Thanks for that question, and thank you for dropping by! I hope you get to work with crystals, as they hold immense power usually not seen, only felt. Cheers, A

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