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Your free Virgo love tarot reading for June 2021 summary:

Oracle: I want to expand my consciousness and my awareness | Energies: confidence; dismissive

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Current energies | Virgo love tarot

Oracle | Virgo love tarot

Virgo Love Tarot - Growth

You are constantly being presented with situations that enable you to develop your inner wisdom and assist you in advancing to higher levels of understanding, Oracle says. Be aware of these challenges and how you feel about them because whatever you’ll learn from these situations will equip you in the long run.

It seems like you are patient and understanding, and while it is exhausting sometimes, continue perceiving your hurdles as means to keep you growing. Living a mindful life is not only about respecting and honoring those around you. It is also about recognizing every person and circumstance as your teacher, Oracle asserts. When you shift to this kind of perspective, there is less resistance. Once you start resisting, almost like wanting to fight back, you expend a lot of energy. Hence that exhaustion.

Every challenge is an opportunity to showcase your compassion and empathy. Moreover, each one of those will contribute to your maturity and wisdom. You will know when it’s time to go. Your intuition will help you.


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