Why Intention-Setting is Important and How To Do It

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The universe conspires if it knows your desires. Express these desires, and the universe will help you. This is the primary reason that explains why intention-setting is important. Because the expression is your intention. Your intention is your compass as you take the action steps. 

If you know your intention, you will never feel the need to explain to people who are in the business of proving they are always right. You will never feel the need to defend yourself either.

So why is it really important to get to know how to set an intention, and how exactly can you express your desires to the universe? Find the answers and how-tos below!

1. It gives a sense of purpose and control

They say that one of the easiest ways to get rid of stress or exhaustion is to learn how to say no.

Intention-setting will energetically give you that laser focus towards a goal. When you set an intention, you direct your subconscious to help you. Do it daily and you will be guided every day. And when you’re guided every day, you say YES to the right endeavors that align with that goal. Consequently, you will feel confident to say NO to non-essentials.

That’s why it’s best to do it in the morning. Because it serves like instruction on an errand. Moreover, you instinctively know the answer to “Why am I doing this? What for?” without actually having the need to ask yourself.

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2. It’s the easiest way to be disciplined

Intention-setting tricks your brain to be disciplined without actually being disciplined. 

“Discipline” can be easily understood, but quite overwhelming in its essence. You’d rather quit and try another thing, than instill discipline. So instead of torturing yourself to practice it, setting an intention will do the trick. 

And so they say, “Be kind to yourself.” Intention-setting is a way to be self-compassionate without being too rigid about a certain goal.

3. It tricks your brain that you’re halfway there.

Most of the time we feel we are not ready, but we actually are. It’s the willingness that we skip. And intention-setting expresses our willingness.

Intention-setting works at a subconscious level as if you are wiring your brain into a goal by asserting that you’re ready for it. It is the process of owning up and embracing a daunting task as if you had the confidence to complete it, to begin with. 

It’s like a “just letting you know” moment, that no matter how tedious the action steps could be, you will never even give your brain the chance to complain. Because you are conditioning it that it must adjust. All unnecessary details must be let go of.

4. Intention-setting is important because it helps you manifest faster.

When you express something, you bring it to reality. The most humanly way to work on a “ridiculous” goal is through intention. Express it daily and it sends a message to the universe that you deserve it. It is done.

One important aspect of manifestation is visualization. Through intention-setting, you can visualize the thing that has to be done, as if you are already living it. 

The greatest blockage to manifestation is self-doubt. When you express something you want to manifest, you let the universe be in charge. And you propel that expression forward by taking action.

Intention-setting is getting down to business with your homework because the universe always delivers.

5. It allows you to respond, not react.

Ever experienced wanting to react to a stupid message over the internet? Or sometimes you get overwhelmed with daily tasks not wanting to get up and move? 

Your intention, especially when done at the beginning of your day, will clear your path for unnecessary mind clutter. 

When my teammates complain about something like a change in process, I always respond by asking them, “What’s your intention?” There are things we say out of frustration, or just because. But if you make it a habit to think first of the intention before you react, you will find that your reaction may not be necessary after all. 

Social media may have taught us to react easily that we have forgotten to think first. And then we blame the platform for being toxic. What we put out there (and what we choose to absorb) makes it toxic. It is never social media. If you know thy intention (i.e., I will just browse to find a job posting), then all the Karens on the Internet wouldn’t even matter.

So somewhere down the road, you wouldn’t have to apologize for the nasty things you have said, nor waste time over petty stuff.

Action steps are far more important than your reaction. Your reaction will never change the course of things. © Pexels via Pixabay

Setting intentions examples

1. For general intention-setting 

We can borrow the Reiki precepts to create an affirmative intention for well-being and to cultivate compassion:

Just for today, I trust.

Just for today, I am peace.

Just for today, I work joyfully.

Just for today, I am grateful.

Just for today, I am love.

Memorize these lines and say them like a prayer before you start your day. 

Before we receive our Reiki Level 1 attunement, our Reiki Master-Teacher taught us these lines and make it a habit. We also have to do a Reiki self-healing session for 21 days. Try it and see how it can transform how you see the world, if not transform your life.

2. For manifestation 

Think about why you’re exerting the amount of effort that you do. Your intention will redirect you to where you need to focus. Choose any of the phrases below and say it before you start any task within your project.

May this project allow me to grow ___ (could be professionally/emotionally/spiritually).

May I connect with my most creative self yet through this project.

3. In social media

Blurting a piece of unsolicited advice on any of your social media, or posting an unpopular opinion? To avoid feeling the need to defend your beliefs, or run into an unnecessary argument, try any of these:

May this comment be of help to this person I am responding to.

May I share my opinion without condescension or judgment to myself and others.

May I express my authentic truth without the expectation of being in agreement with all.

I accept that my opinion may differ from others, but I am open to a discussion.

I am filled with grace. I agree to disagree. 

May this post bring enlightenment to people who may have been encountering the same problem as mine. 

4. For managing stress

Identify your primary stressor and check in with yourself. Identify what you say or do towards them when you feel annoyed, angry, or frustrated.

Just for today, I will be more gracious with my social interactions.

I am always the better person.

I don’t have to respond right now.

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Final Thoughts

When you know how to set an intention, you will know how “go with the flow” works. When you are in flow, it’s easier to get things done, manifest faster, and not feel like a stupid comment hurled at you is an attack on you as a person. 

Assertion of your willpower can be as simple as learning to set an intention.

Your intention is the answer to “what motivates you?” and it could help you give a ready answer whenever you are asked why you do things you do. Consequently, you will never feel the need to defend nor explain yourself. Your intention is your daily mantra, that when known, it becomes your guiding light.

Intention-setting is mindfulness at work. And that mindfulness will slow down aging, revert stress, attract positivity, and bring better health (if not happiness).

And so I end this with my favorite mantra, Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, which means:

May all beings happy and free, and may my thoughts, words, and actions contribute to that happines and freedom for all.


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