Reiki Healing with Stones: 7 cheap Stones to Try

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Reiki healing with stones is a way to enhance your Reiki energy healing practice. These are stones that are not popularly used for each chakra, but these are equally easy to get. So, consider these as alternatives, if the usual ones would not work for you. Also, hop in if you would want to explore more types. These are widely available, and much cheaper too.

If you can find a palm stone (flat), then you would want to get that, so it is stable on the client’s body part that needs healing. Just like a spread on the sandwich, palm stones neither redirect nor dispel the Reiki energy. As a result, it holds the energy at the right amount. Only use a tower or generator if you know how to use it. Crystal cuts are utilized depending on your purpose.

Stones are also cheaper than the crystal towers, so you may consider these to start, may it be for self-healing, or working with a client. Always remember, work with a clear and loving intention.

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If the crystal speaks to you (that’s how I actually buy crystals for my Reiki practice), you may click on the photo to review it for purchase. All the photos below will redirect you to Amazon. Of course you have an option to go to your nearest crystal store, but I scoured Amazon for the pretty ones that you can see below.

Root chakra

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy. You can place it by the foot of the client. As you do your grounding, imagine all the negative energies being washed down like a waterfall, being absorbed by your black tourmaline. This is best paired with a selenite, but as it is, it is a very protective stone to work with.

Try a raw one for variety. This can be your talisman against bullies.

Sacral chakra

Carnelian looks like a candy to me. It usually has these streaks of white, or comes in a dark orange variety. Sunstone is usually spotted, and orange calcite has a lighter hue.

Carnelian is widely available, and usually much cheaper (depends on your location). This stone may aid in you or your client’s creativity. It is also for fertility. But of course, I don’t recommend to depend on this for fertility issues (sorry)! Use it to create that intention to be in the best disposition to “give birth” to something new in your life. This is my stone of potential and it harnesses a “go for it!” attitude in me.

Use this when you need an instant mood lift. I consider Carnelians as the imaginary buddy who kicks your ass when you feel insecure about creating new stuff, or when you encounter writer’s block.

Solar plexus

Not a popular choice for solar plexus balancing, Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone to balance those controlling energies. It gives the vibe of a mentor or a coach, who pushes you for transformation. A stone of earth and fire energies, Tiger’s Eye can be your go-to stone to harness your individuality and inner power, at the same time grounds your energies. It harmonizes both your (or your client’s) fiery and grounding energies. Place this 1-2 inches above the belly button, and channel its power to your auric field.

Heart chakra

Kunzite is a translucent pinkish purple stone which connects with your heart space. It channels the love that is inherent in each being. It generates a calming vibe so you or your client can gently connect with their own power of love. This is best used when a person feels angry about anything! Place it on the chest, and allow it to connect with the rhythm of the breath.

Empower the person being healed by whispering an intention, “May compassion and kindness unite with my (or client’s name) breath.”

Throat chakra

Looking pretty like a Kunzite, the Blue Lace Agate also gives calming energies to those who need it, particularly in expressing ideas freely. It is striated, resembling the stripes we see inside a sea shell.

Place it by the throat to channel inner guidance in speaking the truth. Much as this grounds the person who desires to speak their truth, this is also a stone that one can use to communicate with angels.

Third Eye chakra

Purple Fluorite is a highly protective stone especially in psychic communication. Fluorite usually comes with another color (green), and striped. This is not a rare stone, and it is best used during meditation. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Use this if you want to create order in your thoughts and actions, as you connect deeply with your intuition.

Place it between the eyebrows, and imagine it pulsing with violet light as you breathe and connect with its energy.

Crown chakra

Use a Opalite to connect to your spirit guides, or if you don’t believe in any, to connect with your higher self. Channel the energy of this stone for the person who often gets triggered emotionally. Filled with infinite energies of calmness, Opalite invites mindfulness, especially when a person feels reactive and not responsive.

It also exhibits and creates harmony in an individual’s consciousness. However, please take note that Opalite is man-made. Quick tip: an iridiscent crystal is usually man-made, as it is made from glass. But these types reverberate with gentle energies, enough to allow you be in tune with spiritual harmony.

To wrap up

Reiki healing with stones is one way to work with your practice. These are great aids that complement the loving light that sits within you.

How about you? What do you use in your practice? Let me know in the comments! See you soon! /highfive!


Will · July 17, 2020 at 7:49 pm

I’d heard about Reiki healing but never really sort to find out more information about it. There are clearly lots of ways to use stones to heal yourself and re-balance your energy. Do you use them all, or is there a particular stone(s) that you swear by? I’m interested to find out more and maybe give them a go. Also you mention Reiki healing with stones is just one way to work with your practice, what are some other ways? Really keen to know and find out more! 

    A · July 18, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    Hi, Will! (Mark?) It’s not on my post (because it’s not cheap), but the stone I swear by is Moldavite. It’s believed as the kryptonite (yes, Superman’s!). But seriously, that stone shook my life, turned it around, and rocked the hell out of me! It was just a stone to me and I did not do any thing extra in my daily routine, but ideas to self improve just kept coming ever since it came into my life.

    The energy of that tektite too is intense, some of my friends don’t go along with it (they get dizzy). Those friends are energy workers too, so maybe that explains it.  Cheapest go-to is always amethyst. The one on the list–kunzite, it’s better than rose quartz.

    Some ways to work with my practice is just with my hands and imagination. That doesn’t sound right, but yes, nothing special. I wrote about Reiki energy healing and my practice, and if you are keen to know more, it’s here: Thanks for dropping by, and I hope I can return the favor to your site. 



Joy · July 24, 2020 at 8:03 am

Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I believe this honest post will help other readers who come across it as it has helped me at the moment. My favorite among them is the Sacral chakra which allows the individual to discover what they enjoy, to form hobbies, create loving and exciting relationships, and even creativity in lovemaking and sexual eroticism.

    A · July 25, 2020 at 1:27 am

    Hi, Joy! Your name seems to be a clear representation of what you value–discovery of what you truly enjoy! Thank you for a quick comment, I appreciate you checking the stones out. 



Sherry · July 26, 2020 at 9:00 am

Probably my first time that I will be gearing or reading any piece liek this but I mist confess that what you have shared is really good to see and thank you for Sharing Here. I really appreciate the fact that this healing method is completely natural and this makes this reiki healing stones very great and cool to read about. Thanks

    A · July 26, 2020 at 7:15 pm

    Thank you for dropping by, Sherry. I hope would give it a try, because crystals are much more expensive. But I will post crystal recommendations some time in the future. Cheers, A

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