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Your free Libra love tarot reading for May 2021 summary:

Oracle: I embrace and nourish the creative aspect of my mind | Energies: manifestor; insecure

Reminders and surprises in the video below. Thank you for visiting! I bow down to the light in you! – A /highfive!

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Current energies | Libra love tarot

Oracle | Libra love tarot

Libra Love Tarot - IMAGINATION (Soul Journey Oracle)

This card looks very fitting not only to your current vibe but also in terms of dealing with this seemingly new romance. As a Reiki practitioner, imagination is the best ingredient I use, to channel healing energies. It is also the same gift I work with to manifest. You are in that same space, so own it!

You could be having reservations as far as this connection is concerned, but I feel that whatever it is that you wish to explore may be brought to fruition by channeling your creativity. Sky’s the limit! I also strongly feel that you are not afraid to use your gift of imagination, dear Libra, but perhaps your fear could be coming from being in excess. Regardless, do not be afraid to use this handy toolbox.

If you can visualize it, you can do it. If you can visualize how to positively direct the course of this romance, then it could happen. Your souls are opening up and singing its unique song currently, Oracle says. Congratulations! Libra-born individuals seem to be always the lucky ones and it feels fantastic!


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