Are Reiki Healing Prices Not for You Just Yet? Do This Instead

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A single Reiki energy healing session starts at $30 for an hour or less, depends on the practitioner’s assessment of your energy. Sometimes initially, I can determine right off the bat if the client needs another session or not. So if he/she is not capable to extend the current session, that may require another booking. While Reiki practitioners can spend years honing this gift and that the price range is a fair energy exchange, I can fully understand that Reiki healing prices can be taxing for most in these challenging times. So, here I offer ways to send those healing vibes the Reiki way, to yourself or others.

1. Believe that love heals.

This is the ultimate Reiki principle that I strongly feel to be as universal as our breath. And just like breathing, most of the time we take it for granted. And we sometimes dismiss the extent of its power and force. So when we connect with its energy, it transcends what is tangible.

When we channel Reiki, we draw out our willpower from the energy center in our gut–the solar plexus chakra. Analogous to religious healing, this self-belief is our faith. This is our faith in God or our highest selves’ power–which holds tremendous power in receiving healing. As we connect the energy from our navel area with our the heart center, we put love into it. Consequently, it acquires more power. 

2. Know what love means to you. 

Whether you define love as kissing or hugging–it doesn’t matter when you send Reiki to loved ones.

Determine what love means to you. And then think about how do you make love tangible? Then imagine you’re doing that act of love to a loved one. How does it feel in your body? Do you feel those butterflies in your stomach? Perhaps you feel excited, giddy, elated, or your heart just melts. How does it feel in your body when you say “my heart just melted”?

No matter how love feels in your body, identify it. Remember it. Bask into it. And allow it to linger. Once you connected the feeling to your body, the energy becomes tangible. And that will be your tool to send healing.

3. Transfer that lovin’ feeling to a little ball.

This is where it could be challenging, and perhaps you may understand why reiki healing prices could be expensive because this part takes practice. For others, #2 is their ultimate challenge. But just be open. There is no right or wrong when we speak of love.

Transferring that lovin’ feeling is similar to showing love or affection to a person you care about. But instead of directly showing it to your client (that’s a no-no), you will use your imagination to transmit the energy of love. 

So this is how to do it: sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes so you can focus. Likewise, your heart will take over. Put your hands in the prayer position or palms together in front of your heart space (we call this the Gassho position). Now, imagine that loving feeling in your body being sucked into a vacuum, towards a little ball.

The ball is now in front of you. Imagine that you will hold onto that ball. Imagine a magnetic force between your hands. You can actually try opening your hands from prayer position and you will feel like there are 2 opposing magnets held by your hands. Or your hands can actually feel warm. It is very similar to that warmth and magnetic force you feel when you rub your hands and open them.

That is now the chi (like in Tai chi) or ki (as in Rei-ki). And that is your own energy. Feel it in between your palms and surrender to its power so you can flow to your rhythm, just like the image below.

The shining ball of light that you created (felt or imagined) would be what you will beam towards the recipient using your palms.

Are Reiki Healing Prices Not for You Just Yet? Do This Instead - © Baran Lotfollahi via Unsplash
Connect to the rhythm of your soul and transpose those loving energies onto your hands

If you are an anime lover, think of Dragon Ball Z or Naruto–that white ball of power they use against their enemies. It really looks like that, only that you will create a ball of love.

4. Let it grow as you breathe

If you are still “holding” onto that ball, imagine it growing and getting stronger. Imagine it like a shining crystal ball in front of you. It turns white, and more white light is added to it as you breathe. 

How do you let it grow? You can ask your Spirit Guides to help you. Breathe in white light coming from heaven or imagine your Spirit Guides (could be a beloved who passed on) showering you with love and white light. Gratefully receive their love and add your own. Add or imagine mixing them together in your heart space. And then breathe it out to your hands–towards the shining ball. You can also meditate on that lovin’ feeling I have mentioned in #2 (bask into that lovin’ feeling), and add it onto the white ball you’re holding. When you feel ready, head on to #5.

5. What Reiki healing prices? You are now ready to send it!

You have already done a huge and significant chunk of the process by the time you reach this stage. It’s time to hand it over.

Give it to the person who needs healing, or to yourself, starting from your head (you can do it similar to the lady in the image above). The gesture would be as if you’re trying to put on a shirt or a dress. You can also imagine that you’re pitching a ball to the recipient. If you’re doing it to yourself, you can also touch the areas where you feel that you need it the most. 

You can also put your right hand on your forehead and your left hand on your lower back. Imagine that there’s that white light rushing from your left to your right hand, inside your body. 

If you’re doing it to a friend or family member who doesn’t want to be touched, you can beam the felt or imagined white light that’s coming from your palms. You can also imagine the ball of white light being showered over the person who needs healing as if your palm is the showerhead. You can imagine it being spilled over like water, or a lightsaber stabbing right through the whole body, or a liquid slowly being transfused through the veins. Trust your imagination. Sometimes it will do the trick for you, so you really do not have to overthink it. 

In my Reiki healing experience, it differs per client. When I sent distant Reiki to my confined pet, it was like a high-pressure water gun. When I did a one-on-one with a family friend, the light was so stiff like a lightsaber that she twitched her toe in the middle of the session (we actually laughed about it after because I didn’t expect it to be that intense). I do not plan the images ahead. So trust whatever pops up. 

Do this “handing over” or “transfer” process until you feel that you’ve done enough. When you’re done, put your hands into your heart space (hands in prayer or the Gassho position) and thank God or your higher self, and your Spirit Guides for this love that heals.

Final Thoughts

Reiki healing prices may be saddening for financially-strapped individuals, and it feels frustrating to check at a time you need it the most. You may feel uncertain about a session, so instead of sharing with you another anecdote to convince you to try it, I have written this with the intention of sharing the gift of healing. Yes, everybody can bring healing.

Reiki is a universal life force that exists around us. And the power to manifest this healing force lies within us. While the gift of Reiki may be felt by someone who’s already in alignment with their own soul gift, I have always believed that Reiki can be practiced by anyone, even non-professionally. That’s because the power of love lies at the core of Reiki. And just like miracles, love’s depth and meaning lie within us–we just have to tune into it. Love is universal and limitless. And it transcends space and time.

I have received my Reiki levels 1 and 2 attunement locally. But if you wish to learn Reiki, you can head on to Reiki Awakening Academy to learn more.

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